Adopt-A-Spot Litter Pickup Program

Since 2002, Carpinteria Beautiful’s Adopt-a-Spot volunteers have removed TONS of litter from around our little town. By regularly patrolling their chosen “Spots,” they’re able to eliminate unsightly, unhealthy trash from our streets, sidewalks and parks and keep it from washing into our creeks and ocean.


Many of your friends and neighbors are already part of this dedicated team. If you see them on the job, please thank them. If you can spare an hour or so a week, they’d love to have your help.

Consider Adopting a Spot Yourself


You can adopt your own Spot of Carpinteria. Do it as an individual or team up with a family member or friend. Teens can earn community service hours as Adopt-a-Spotters.

We’ll get you started on a route of your choice with a picker, safety vest and cap. It’s good exercise and we promise you’ll really clean up.

The Spots up for adoption are identified in GREEN below. You can also see the routes on this Google map. Or suggest your own route to adopt. Then, call us at 232-3560 or send email.

Route 1: Carp Ave Santa Ynez Ave to Hwy 101 off ramp
Route 2: Carp Ave Santa Ynez Avenue to Franklin Creek
Route 3: Carp Ave Franklin Creek to Linden Avenue
Route 4: 7th Street Reynolds Street to Linden Avenue
Route 5: Santa Ynez Ave at Hwy 101 Overpass and ramps
Route 6: 9th Street Reynolds Avenue to Linden Avenue
Route 7: 8th Street West of Linden Ave
Route 8: Franklin Creek path Carp Ave to 7th Street
Route 9: 5th St, Holly Ave, Elm Ave 5th Street from Ash Ave to Linden Ave
Route 10: Sawyer Avenue
Route 11: RR station and parking lot
Route 12: Salt Marsh and Ash Ave
Route 13: Linden Avenue and Field Linden Ave from the RR tracks to the beach
Route 14: Dorrance Way and RR street ends
Route 15: 3rd St and cross streets
Route 16: Sandyland Road and beach street ends
Route 17: Palm Ave
Route 18: Carp Ave Linden Ave to Casitas Pass Rd
Route 19: 8th Street Linden Ave to foot bridge
Route 20: Around Main School
Route 21: 6th St Palm Ave to Carpinteria Creek
Route 22: Casitas Pass Rd and Hwy 101 ramps Casitas Pass Rd from Carp Ave to Cameo Rd
Route 23: Tomol Park and Path Path runs from Linden Ave to Palm Ave
Route 24: Bailard Ave Hwy 101 ramps
Route 25: Carp Ave Carp Creek to Bailard Ave
Route 26: Carp Ave Bailard Ave to Hwy 150
Route 27: Carp Ave and Carp Creek Bike Path Carp Ave from to Casitas Pass Rd to bike path under Hwy 101
Route 28: Via Real Bailard Ave west to street end
Route 29: Linden Avenue Ogan Rd and Hwy 101 Overpass to Carp Ave
Route 30: Hwy 101 ramps Santa Clause Lane and Linden Ave Hwy 101 ramps
Route 31: Linden Avenue Ogan Rd to Foothill Rd
Route 32: Foothill Rd Linden Ave to Casitas Pass Rd
Route 33: Ogan Rd, Vallecito Rd, Via Real Via Real to Casitas Pass Rd
Route 34: Carro Lane Linden Ave to Casitas Pass Rd
Route 35: El Carro Park
Route 36: Casitas Pass Rd Cameo Rd to Foothill Rd
Route 37: Casitas Pass Rd Foothill Rd eastward to Lions Park
Route 38: Casitas Pass Rd Lions Park to Shepard Mesa Rd
Route 39: Casitas Pass Road Shepard Mesa Rd eastward
Route 40: Via Real Bailard Ave to Vista Mobile Home Park
Route 41: Via Real Vista Mobile Home Park to Hwy 150
Route 42: Hwy 150 and Via Real Hwy 150: 101 to Bates Rd. Via Real to Ind Park.
Route 43: Monte Vista Park
Route 44: Sterling Park and Path to HS
Route 45: El Carro Lane Sterling Ave to Santa Ynez Ave
Route 46: Malibu Drive Linden Ave to Sterling Ave
Route 47: Memorial Park
Route 48: Heath Ranch Park
Route 49: Santa Monica Bike Path
Route 50: Via Real Santa Ynez Ave to Kim’s Market
Route 51: Via Real Church to Cravens Lane
Route 52: Via Real Cravens Lane to Santa Claus exit
Route 53: Venice Ln, Trieste Ln, Via Marcina
Route 54: High School creek channel
Route 55: Franklin Creek bike path
Route 56: Foothill Rd west of Linden Ave
Route 57: Santa Claus Lane and Beach

There’s always room for more help.

Please sign up to do your “litterbit” by calling
Donna Jordan at (805) 232‑3560