Commemorative Tree Plaques

As you stroll down Linden Avenue or around the downtown area, you’re bound to notice the commemorative plaques set below many of the City’s street trees. In 1992, Carpinteria Beautiful began a program that allowed folks to memorialize a passed life, honor a friend or family member, or just celebrate a special occasion by adopting a tree and having a plaque installed. It’s called the Commemorative Plaque Program.

Download the Commemorative Tree Plaque Application here.



The program is a popular one and it has a public benefit as well. The money collected from the plaque donations is put into a special fund and turned right around to purchase new trees.

Seeing the City struggle with tight budgets over the years, Carpinteria Beautiful has offered challenge grants for more trees to fill our empty tree wells. That is, CB promised to donate money for new trees if the City Council more than matched the amount. They’ve accepted a couple of times now and as a result hundreds of new fifteen-gallon trees have been planted since that first spring back in 2004.


Carpinteria is a “Tree City U.S.A.”

Carpinteria has the proud title of being a Tree City U.S.A. Our urban forest is a treasure! We at Carpinteria Beautiful understand that trees not only add beauty and provide wildlife habitat, they give us energy-saving shade, help clean the air and increase property values. Such a deal!

Those who wish to honor a loved one may order a plaque to be installed beneath a public tree. Proceeds go to planting new trees throughout the city.